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All clients work with Christina ONLY -Master Artist, Owner, Head Instructor.

powder brows, microblading, microshading, brow tattoo

To work with a student for a discounted rate please
text or email us.

lip blushing, lip tattoo, lip neutralization, dark lip correction
Back to School

We are excited to announce that Secret Guru Permanent Cosmetics is a DPOR Accredited Permanent Cosmetics School! Start you Permanent Cosmetic Career TODAY!

Open Enrollment OPEN NOW til 12/15/23 for our part time block starting Monday 1/8/24! 

Beautiful Brows

Powder Brows create a gradient effect similar to makeup and heals powdery. Perfect for most skin types and outlast any brow procedure. **We do not offer micro-blading, Powder Brows last longer and is more gentle to the skin without any scarring.

Blushed Lips

Lip Blushing' is a natural full filling burst of color that will enhance your natural lip shape and give that desired color daily. We also offer Lip Neutralization for those who want to even out their skin tone on their lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ section to help answer questions about services, payments, what to expect, and our training for those interested in learning permanent or paramedical cosmetic tattooing.

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permanent makeup

Paramedical Tattooing

We are now pleased to offer Paramedical Tattooing on a case by case basis.

Click on desired procedure below for more information. 

This includes:

* 3D Areola & Nipple Tattoo Recreation due to mastectomy, gender affirming top surgery, breast reduction, or appearance changes.

* Scar Revision (flattening with inkless tattooing methods) & Scar Camouflage

* Stretchmark Camouflage & Inkless Healing

* Scalp Micropigmentation


If thinking about paramedical tattooing- please email us: or

Text/Call 804-895-7616 for a consultation.

ISR Stretchmark Treatment

Heal your Skin Naturally.

Why bandaid stretchmarks when you can have a treatment that helps them heal naturally?

stretchmark treatment, ISR, inkless tattooing
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Permanent Makeup Payment Plan

We Offer Payment Plans ! 

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