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Scarred Leg

Ink-less & Camouflage Tattooing

These methods of tattooing help clients in many ways. Ink-less Tattooing can help flatten existing scar tissue that is deep/raised.  It can also help to minimize stretch-marks as well!  Camouflage Tattooing helps areas of the skin that

have experienced hypo-pigmentation.

**We are not able to camouflage hyperpigmentation because it does not look well over time. Some hyperpigmentation scars can get ink-less tattooing after a test patch to see if the skin regenerates its own skin tone with incorporated aftercare recommendations.

To book this appointment, you must be approved. Please for an inquiry and tele-consultation email or text/call. 

(We use Google Voice to get rid of robo calls. Please state your name when asked when calling.) 


Raised Scar Flattening & Surgical Scars

Ink-less Tattooing can help to flatten hypertrophic scars or raised scar tissue. If scar heals lighter than surrounding tissue- we can then book a camouflage treatment.


Deep Scar Flattening

Some scars lay lower than its surrounding areas. Some scars can be flattened over time to meet the surface again. Any scars that heal lightly can be booked for a camouflage treatment once healed.

ISR Stretchmark treatment Stretchmark Camouflage

ISR Stretch-mark Surface Flattening

Ink-less tattooing can help minimize the appearance of some stretch-marks. Some clients may request or be asked to do a "test patch" to observe healing.

**Sessions vary according to client's expectations and their own skin healing.

Scar Camouflage Scar Tattoo


When scars heal with little pigment we can add pigment back into the skin. Perfect to help conceal scars, vitiligo, and post surgery wounds such as facelifts, tummy tucks, lipo marks, and stitch marks. We cannot camouflage hyper-pigmentation to a lighter color and advise against it. 

Vitiligo tattoo Vitiligo Camouflage


If a potential client has stabilized vitiligo (Has not moved within a few years) and wants to camouflage any hypo-pigmented areas, we are able to add surrounding flesh tones back into the area.

Inkless Scar Revision

                  Inkless Scar                  Treatment

After the skin experiences changes from surgery or trauma, our Inkless methods can sometimes help the skin to re-heal to a more normal state overtime.

Inkless & Scar Camouflage Pricing

Sessions start at $300 per session for

small areas and varies case by case for price.

To book please contact us via email or text/call as you need approval.

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