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Why Powder Brows Instead Of Microblading?

We get this question a lot. Why is microblading not recommended amongst most permanent makeup artists and estheticians?

Client has old microblading corrected with a powder brow.
Microblading Correction From Old Work Elsewhere

What is Microblading?

Microblading is one of the oldest forms of brow permanent makeup. It consists of a handheld manual tool with a linear row a various sized needles. The tool is then dipped into ink and draw across the skin creating a tiny slit into the skin. It is the most invasive method because of the technique.

Why we don't recommend microblading:

This technique looks beautiful for the first few months- especially on DRY skin. Microblading doesn't work well for average skin or oily skin types because of how quickly the skin regenerates itself and how natural oils blur it out. Because microblading slices at the skin- some technicians go too deep creating scarring, blurred hair strokes, or blown out ink that doesn't fade because of how deep it was implanted. After getting microblading so many times you will have to transition to a powder brow because the crisp lines tend to fan out and the skin eventually will have scar tissue. Most of our clients that come in for brow corrections are actually microblading clients from other permanent makeup facilities. We suggest to always start with powder brows or machine hybrid stroke work.

How do Powder Brows Work? :

  1. It's the least invasive technique and done with a rotary tattooing pen (in our facility).

  2. The longest lasting method! It can last up to 6 years! We recommend getting a colorboost by 24 months to freshen the color.

  3. It creates the most natural or a glam style brow depending on the color and saturation based on the clients' needs/wants.

  4. It works WELL for most all skin types/ages.

  5. You can get this with having hair or without any hair. Sometimes it even stimulates hair growth!

  6. Healing is the most simple with this method.

  7. Creates tiny dots instead of stokes that blend in well with the skin.

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